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Founded at Northwestern, we developed the world's smallest 3D printer. Our refined technology now offers extensive, high-throughput printing.

Limitless possibilities.
Be a part of our growth.

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Recruitment FAQs

Everything you wanted to know about Azul 3D

Azul 3D has identified new verticals in 3D printing that are uniquely addressed by our tech stack’s focus on scalable architecture, material performance, and production enablement. These exciting applications bring technologically innovative opportunities for leadership, vision, and market disruption.

Our Teams

Our Teams

Be a part of a team consisting of individuals from various fields of expertise.

Our Technology

Be a part of defining the next generation of additive manufacturing with HARP™ 3D Printing

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Starting off as a Level I Mechanical Engineer and ending up as an Engineering Supervisor was unexpected. I thought working at Azul would grow my technical engineering skills, and while my technical skills have grown, I was surprised by the magnitude of growth of my leadership and communication skills. I recognized opportunities and took initiative within my team, which was noticed and rewarded.

Katie Shi

Engineering Supervisor, Hardware Team


Job Openings

We seek motivated individuals who thrive in a challenging and dynamic environment, driven by Azul 3D's mission.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Where is Azul located?
    Azul 3D is located 8111 St Louis Ave # 2, Skokie, IL. We kept close to our Northwestern University roots and are less than 4 miles from campus.
  • What is the environment at the headquarters?
    Azul 3D has a beautiful open workspace where teams collaborate cross-functionally and in person. Azul has 3 lab spaces including a wet lab for our Materials Team. Our headquarters was previously the home of US Robotics.
  • What type of interviews does Azul 3D conduct?
    We conduct behavior-based interviews, but also expect you to showcase your technical prowess. Answer behavior-based interviews using the STAR Method (S-Situation; T-Task; A- Action; R- Result).
  • What is the dress code at Azul 3D?
    At Azul, the regular attire is casual, however, we ask that clothes be clean and not be torn, overly revealing, display large decals or logos, or clothing which intends to incite controversy or discontent within the workplace (political statements, expletives, overly graphic, etc). Employees entering any lab or production area on site must wear closed toe shoes and pants that cover their legs completely. Please note that interview attire is business casual.
  • Is it possible for me to work remotely at Azul 3D?
    We are a hardware-based company. At this time, remote work options are not available.
  • Do teams collaborate at Azul 3D?
    Azul 3D is a highly collaborative environment. Teams work cross-functionally on a daily basis to produce the technological breakthroughs and customer-validated products.
  • Does Azul 3D sponsor H1B visas?
    We do not currently sponsor visas.
  • Does Azul 3D offer internships?
    Yes, we offer summer internships! We recruit for interns beginning in August or September of the year prior to the summer in which you wish to intern (e.g., We would recruit in August/September 2024 for Summer 2025 interns). We offer internships on each of our 4 teams: Applications, Chemistry, Hardware, and Software. We also recruit MBA-level interns in business development and product management, but we do have other needs depending on your area of interest.
  • What benefits are offered to Azul 3D employees?
    Medical, dental, and vision plans 401K Generous paid time off and flexible holidays Potential equity participation
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