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At Azul 3D, we combine the complex geometry enabled by 3D-printing technology with the material variety more typical of injection molding to unlock a whole new value proposition for product design and manufacturing. 

Developing Materials To Meet Needs

We work with our partners to develop materials that meet their requirements and offer new levels of product performance. To offer this level of customization, our chemists have developed a vast materials library with characterizations of more than 400 materials. With a continuum of properties from flexible to rigid, offered in any color, this library is the basis for creating the custom materials for each application. 

Azul 3D's Materials Continuum

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Customizable Materials

The power of Azul 3D



What can our design and material advantages

help you achieve what was never before possible?

Our thermosets can be customized to the exact needs of our customers—a process that takes into account both material properties and design, since they go hand-in-hand.

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Knowing performance is a combination of materials and design, we lean into the product development process and collaborate with our partners to make sure their designs take full advantage of the unique capabilities of additive manufacturing. The ultimate result: a production-ready solution to create disruptive value in your industry. 

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